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      My wife, Jill, and I, are originally from Michigan. However, we grew weary of the snow and decided to move out west to Arizona in 1979. Upon arrival I began working in the auto business at a local dealership. In 1982 we chose to open our own car lot. We found that financing options for clients were limited, so in 1995 we chose to open our own secondary finance company to provide financing solely for our own clients. I have created and built promotional 4x4 vehicles over the last 10 years. This provided an outlet for my creative energy and meshed perfectly with my knowledge of vehicles.


In 2006 Jill and I were in Italy celebrating our 30th anniversary. During this trip we were reminiscing about our days traveling on a BMW motorcycle. Watching the Italians scoot around enjoying their time traveling reminded us of the many fond memories of the fun that we had of riding motorcycles and sidecars. This common form of transportation not only is a pleasure to drive, but also helps combat the high costs of fuel in Europe. We saw people carrying everything from groceries to the kitchen sink (literally)!


After months of increasing gas prices we were having a difficult time selling the SUVs and 4x4s that we were accustomed to selling. At that time we began to discuss alternate modes of transportation to sell at our own car lot and that is when we decided we would begin to sell scooters.


After almost two years of research on the scooter market and continuously increasing gas prices the first scooters arrive to our lot. The scooters are the most economical form of motorized transportation on the roads today. They may not replace the vehicles we have grown accustomed to, but at 80+ miles per gallon they are worth every penny. We now carry a wide array of scooters from economical models to more deluxe models with 2 year warranties and excellent amenities.


We have changed our name to reflect our growing inventory to Scooter & Auto Source, and are located in Prescott, Arizona. Scooters are fun to drive and also we still enjoy selling a quality used car or truck to the person who needs one. We are fortunate to sell these forms of transportation under one roof. We provide full service and have access to parts for any of our scooter models.


Stop by and see us anytime or contact us in Prescott at 928-443-5510 or email us at


See you scootn’ around!!


Thank you,


Mark and Jill Tetreau


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